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30S Efficient Sterilization

International Genome Research states "There are more than 600 different microbial bacteria in human saliva. When these bacteria leave a human mouth, they can cause lots of health problems. Do you know how much bacteria stay on your drip tip?"
The Aspire Degerm sterilizer adopts very high-level UV disinfection rays, which is used to sterilize 360-degree orientation with UV light. Any bacteria which is present on the drip tip will be wiped out in 30 Seconds.


 Battery capacity: 400 mAh

 Voltage: 3.0-4.2V

Working time: 30S

Type-C charging port

Weight 25.3g

Proven Laboratory Results

Certified by microbiology experts, proven lab results showed Degerm successfully sterilize and disinfect your drip tip efficiently.

Portable, Easy To Operate

The Degerm sterilizer is super-portable and small. The protection cap is provided to avoid dust integration when being carried. Operate the Degerm with only 1 button, super easy to use. Just put the drip tip into the Degerm, click the button for 3 times after turning on the device, it will start working. The LED lights will indicate the working status. After finishing sterilizing, the device will stop automatically.
Note: The Aspire Degerm emits an Ultra violate ray from the bottom opening. Under no circumstances should you look into the UV Diode while the Degerm is in operation mode. UV light can damage eyes and skin—DO NOT expose your eyes or body to the rays emitting from the bottom of the device while in operation.

Thousands of Tests for Long Life

The button has been tested 50,000 times, and the Degerm is estimated to be perfectly serviceable for nearly 20,000 times.

Best Quality

Tested for 50,000 Times

Use for nearly 20,000 times

Thorough Sterilization

The Degerm uses UV-C 253.7 NM to ensure the best bactericidal effect, fully clean your drip tip!

400 MAH Capacity,

Type-C Charging

The Degerm is built-in 400 mAh battery, it can be charged via Type-C charging port.

Red Light: <3.3V

Blue Light: 3.3    V-3.65V

Green Light : >3.65V

Package Includes

1 X Aspire Degerm

1 X User Manual

1 X Type-C Cable

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