JUUL Portable Charging Case (Compatible with JUUL Device)


JUUL portable charging case is a vital product for JUUL Device. You can charge your JUUL while on the go! You can take it anywhere, it charges your JUUL in a secure way up to three times.

Easy to Use

Charge the Case

Charge the case in the USB port using the cable. Four LED lights indicate a fully charged case.

Charge the JUUL Device

Insert the JUUL device in the appropriate slot in the case. The device LED will blink to indicate it is charging.


You can charge your JUUL while on the go!

High capacity 1270 mAh battery can charge your JUUL Device up to three times.

It carries your JULL Device securely you take it in your bag or purse.

Package Includes

1 X Portable charging Case

1 X Micro USB Cable

1 X Warranty Card.

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Nice Product

jameel - 28 Mar, 2020