Juul skins are made with textured materials and top-quality 3M vinyl. You can easily change Juul skin with another. The adhesive keeps the wrap stick to Juul when needed and come off clean when you want to change it. Wrap your full JULL, pod, and charger.

Textures available:

1. Black Marble

2. Green Marble 

3. White Marble

4. Blue Honey Comb

5. Cubes 

6. Galaxy

7. Mosaic

8. Ocean Blue

9. Beach Front

10. Paradise 

11. Picasso

12. Skull 

13. Tie Die

14. Hard Wood

15. Wood

Texture Black Marble, Green Marble, White Marble, Blue Honey Comb, Cubes, Galaxy, Mosaic, Ocean Blue, Beach Front, Paradise, Picasso, Skull, Tie Die, Hard Wood, Wood,

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