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A vaporizer Redefining portable wax vaporizer. Multicolor options

The Most Powerful Portable Vaporizer

Having 40 watts of instantaneous power at your fingertips, you will have the most intense vaping experience from a portable wax vaporizer. DAbOX™ currently comes with a Dual Quartz Clapton Coil and Dual Quartz Coil and features Single Quartz Clapton Coil sold separately. You get to choose exactly how you want to vape.

The Most Convenient Portable Wax Vaporizer

The patent-pending Flip Door ™ clicks to 45 and 90 degrees upon a twist, giving you access to quickly load material while on-the-go. The coil assembly simply slides out from the base for your convenience when you want to replace a coil.


Interchangeable coil system

Interchangeable coil options will customize your vaping preference. FLIP DOOR™

Flip Door™ clicks to 45 and 90 degrees for fast material loading and coil replacement.

Glass chamber

A high-quality glass chamber helps to cool the vapor and it is easily removed for quick cleaning.

Led light display

Indicates on/off, battery life, stealth mode, and electrical connectivity with the coil.

Simple yet powerful

You press, you hit. But, you might want to take it easy.

Built-in Li-Ion battery

1500 mAh battery capacity provides the right combination of power and portability to meet your everyday usage demands.


DAbOX™ fits in the palm of your hand so you can take it on the go and vape indiscretion.

2a Quick Charge System

DAbOX™ has a quick charge system that can support 2 Amps max charging current that enables the user to go from a completely drained to fully charged battery cell in 1 hour. To charge the device, simply connect the USB cable from your device to a supported outlet. The LED light located around the charging port will display red while the device is charging and will turn off once the device is fully charged.

Dual quartz coil

Quickfire coil (power at the tip of your finger)

All-day vape (Optimizing your battery function 10 give you long-lasting power)

Dual quartz clapton coil

Maximized surface area for maximum hit

Utilizing lower temperature for smoother hits

Single quartz clapton coil

Optimized power and surface area for optimal flavor

Designed for instant hill

Interchangeable coil system

DAbOX™ features an innovative quick-change atomizer. Never let a pen tell you what to enjoy. With the DAbOX you decide!

LED light display

The stylish LED light illuminates the glass chamber when the fire button is pressed. The three different colors indicate the percentage of battery life characterized below:

Battery level indication

80%-100                      Green

79%-20%                     Blue

19-0%                          Red

Package Includes

1 X DAbOX vaporizer

1 X dual quartz clapton coil head

1 X dual quartz coil head

1 X scoop tool

1 X USB cable

1 X quick guide

Color Black, Silver,

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